15 Best Quotes From The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

  • “One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six. Six. Perfect Number.”
  • “You Never Had A Rope Around Your Neck. Well, I’m Going To Tell You Something. When That Rope Starts To Pull Tight, You Can Feel The Devil Bite Your Ass!”
  • “Whoever Has The Most Liquor To Get The Soldiers Drunk And Send Them To Be Slaughtered – He’s The Winner.”
  • “I’ll Tell You One Thing, Blondie. If I Knew That My Last Hour Had Come, I Swear, In My Place… In Your Place I Would Do The Same Thing. I Would Tell About The Gold. Yes, Yes, I Would.”
  • “Every Gun Makes Its Own Tune.”
  • “Hey, Amigo! You Know You Have A Face Beautiful Enough To Be Worth Two Thousand Dollars?”
  • “When You Have To Shoot, Shoot. Don’t Talk.”
  • “I Almost Forgot… He Gave Me 1000 Dollars. I Think His Idea Was That I Kill You.”
  • “God’s Not On Our Side Because He Hates Idiots, Also.”
  • “People With Ropes Around Their Necks Don’t Always Hang.”
  • “If You Work For A Living, Why Do You Kill Yourself Working?”
  • “You See In This World There’s Two Kinds Of People, My Friend – Those With Loaded Guns, And Those Who Dig. You Dig.”
  • “The Next Town Is 70 Miles… If You Save Your Breath, I Feel A Man Like You Could Manage It.”
  • “You May Run The Risks, My Friend, But I Do The Cutting. If We Cut Down My Percentage… Who Knows? It Might Just Interfere With My Aim.”
  • “If You Miss You Better Miss Very Well. Whoever Double-Crosses Me And Leaves Me Alive Understands Nothing About Tuco. Nothing!”
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