Two things define you: your patience and attitude

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Most all folks are during a place in our life where we thought we had nothing. We did, of course, have something, but we just didn’t have what we wanted. And regardless of how hard we worked, regardless of what we did, we just couldn’t get to the place where we weren’t living paycheck to paycheck.

And while you were struggling, you’ll have constantly seen people that, on the surface, seemed to have everything. that they had an excellent job with a greater salary, expensive cars, a large, fancy home and every one the designer clothes they might ever wear.

Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

I know the sensation, “I have nothing” well. You see, I used to not be as grateful an individual as I’m today. I used to see more problems than blessings and obtain very impatient with God and everybody else. This was years ago, but I still know the sensation. only God changed my heart and that I changed my actions, did I learn to attend on God and that I learned to twiddle my thumbs and depend upon His timing. I saw changes immediately. I didn’t want to be defined that way. and that I am so grateful that God changed me.

I don’t consider myself as having everything now, but I’m so very blessed. I always tell people, “I am the foremost blessed person I know”. and that I mean that. and that I don’t take any of my blessings without any consideration. I do know that God has blessed me within the past, is blessing me now, and has many blessings future for my future. and that I thank Him and glorify His name.

I pray that I always have in my heart and soul an attitude of gratitude.

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